In the office, the development team are all very informed and, shall we say, like to express our opinions. Not that it is a bad thing, I like to encourage debates and lively arguments as long as it is civilized and constructive. However,
there a couple of people who sometimes would ignore the facts and would not accept that their dearly held beliefs are just plain wrong. No amount of Googling or Wikipedia would convinced them and we are talking about scientific fact here (I don't even want to go into our political debates, they are the 'third rail'). For example, covering three sides of the large fish tank with form boards will help keep the water temperature from rising/dropping through insulation. Wrong! Being a science graduate I can't stand people that ignore facts but I am also polite (sometimes) so I bite my tongue and just roll my eyes instead.

This week I have enough of their idiocy so I started mocking either of them indirectly by saying "Oh, you and your fact-based argument" (in the satirical tone of current U.S. administration's Faith-based Initiative) to the person(s) who is in the right. I am sure one of these days I would push my luck too far and have to deal with the consequence. But for now, it is funny to see how that kills their argumentative mood.

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