Vox Hunt: Jump Around

Show us a picture of someone or something jumping.
Submitted by Elizabeth Lee.

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7 thoughts on “Vox Hunt: Jump Around

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  1. Yep. I took that in mid-town Manhattan near where I used to live. There is another one similar to the one above but I think is better. Just click on the photo and navigate to my Flickr site and you will see it.


  2. before i purchased my digital camera 20d ..i used to love going out and exploring the city for new photos … i had a canon elan7n .. now with the digital… i rarely use it. i'm so backwards.. haha
    your photos are really great. =)


  3. Thanks! I used to have a Elan7e (EOS30 from Europe) and I love it. My 10D is almost identical in features, apart from the eye focus control, so I had no problem using it adjusting to digital at all. If I have more chances/time to spend exploring the city I would probably upgrade my 10D to the new 30D but alas, life is too busy for that.May be if the lottery is kind to me…


  4. I bought my 20d right before the 30d came out… the salesman didnt mention i should wait for canon's new product.. a month later i could have bought the 30d for the same amount as the 20d .. Plus, plus.. my camera's price was reduced by about a quarter percent of what i purchased it. what a rip off.


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