Goldfish memory

So the stereotype image of average American is right, they do have goldfish memory. From CNNMoney:

American consumers have reinforced all the stereotypes they are labeled
with: short attention spans, lack of social consciousness and thinking
with their wallets.

You know, I am ashame of being a British passport holder for all the sins they committed back in the 19th and early 20th century. I am also ashame of being born Chinese for what Mao had done to our own people during the 20th century. And now I am going to be ashame (in advance) of living in America for all of your excesses and inconsideration for the Earth and its inhabitants.

The supply of oil is not limitless but apparently the current
generation of Americans is all too willing to exhaust it by buying more
vehicle than they need and letting their children and grandchildren
fend for themselves.

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