QotD: My First Gig

What was your very first job? 
Submitted by Laurel.

My first ever paid job was in the summer of 1990. I was 15 then and really I was underage as far as labor law was concerned in Hong Kong at that point. But a blind eye and a special handshake later my best friend Kenny and I were working at a video production company stuffing envelopes for a mass mailing. We were so organized and efficient that we finished way ahead of schedule and so they put us onto warehouse duties, stacking karaoke video tapes from boxes onto shelves. The tour de force was when they put us on a 'secret' assignment where Kenny and I were to survey all the 7-11 stores* in Hong Kong for the availability and placement of the said karaoke video tapes. We were paid extra money for all the walking and extra working hours and for a 15 years old teenagers, they are great! My mom was opposed to it for reasons she kept to herself (as most parents do) but I won't take no for answer so Kenny and I spent 4 days walking around the city, visiting as many 7-11 stores as we could. I got to see parts of Hong Kong that I've never seen before and would never have if not for that assignment. We even created a questionnaire printout using WordStar 6! Now, that is ancient technology.

But that was not the most memorable part of that job. The young and beautiful female receptionist working there definitely capture more of our attention of any assignments. Of course, she did not give us the time of the day despite Kenny persistent attempts!

* To give a scale of the assignment, think the density of all the Starbucks, CVS, and Duane Reade stores combined in Manhattan and you'll get the general idea.

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