Thank you Florence

With hurricane Florence whipping the sea up off the east coast seaboard, Dan and I went surfing again this year. Due to the timing, we went to Point Pleasant on a Tuesday instead of Saturday like last year. This mean we both had to take a day off work without much notice and I had to race uptown on Monday morning to pick up lens but the flip side is that there was almost no one in the water apart from the hardcore surfers.

Last year amid all the excitements of Dan being photographed surfing and me doing surfing photography for the first time, we forgot to take photos of me and the equipment I used. This time we made a point to make sure we had photos of me behind the camera. I hate to say it but I did look rather impressive, if not a tad professional!

Unfortunately, although the waves were big (some of them reached more than 12 feet tall) the conditions were such that it wasn't that good for surfing. We ended up with far fewer shots than we had last year and what we got were not as good quality either. Out of all the photos I was only happy with three, may be four, so I won't be printing a photo book like I did from last year photos.

It was not all time wasted though, we had a nice day off work spent outdoor under the sun. I got an uneven tan on my arms because I spent the afternoon having the sun on my right hand side only. Google Maps on my E61 was great, made driving to the beach so much easier. And I got to shoot with the very nice and expensive Canon 300mm lens, what more can I ask for?

Ok, may be better surfing condition but there will always be next time.

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