QotD: My First Car

Tell us a little something about your first car.  Do you have any photos you can share? 
Submitted by tamara.

My first ever car is a second generation Renault 5 (pictures: front, side, rear, and interior). It is a tiny hatch-back (i.e. two doors and a back "hatch") car in red with a 1.1 litre engine, pumping out only 55 bhp. But it was perfect as a first car for someone who had just passed the driving test. It had no power steering so I got to learn how to park smartly than relying on power steering to get me out of trouble spot. It handles pretty good for a small French car and it was fun to drive. I couldn't get it to go too fast though, despite my continuous attempts. I think the fastest I got out of the Renault 5 was about 95mph? I don't think I've ever gotten a ton out of that car.

I only customized/pimped the car in a limited fashion. Sport steering wheel, new springs to lower the suspension, bucket seats from a Renault 5 GT Turbo, and a kick-ass stereo were all I had (Well, kick-ass for a student with limited income that is. My friend Richard and I spent hours cutting up and painting a MDF board to replace the back shelf to house the 10" sub-woofer. The result was a very professional looking shelf and that was very satisfying.). Shortly after I lowered the suspension, the hatch started giving me trouble. Its hinges slowly slipped out of location as if something was pulling it out. Nothing we did can fix it and I suspected that somehow the lowered suspensions put extra load on the hatch that it wasn't designed for.

Sadly, it had to be retired to the scrap yard after I lost control of it on a damp corner and rolled it two and half times. We landed on the roof and fortunately all three of us were not hurt seriously, only bruises and cuts. My parents weren't amused though, I can tell you that…

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