QotD: Check the Mailbox!

What magazines do you subscribe to, and why?

I've been subscribing two magazines for a very long time (think decade).

First, one of the best source of science news: New Scientist. I've been reading New Scientist uninterrupted since 1991, and it served me well all these years. Many times when the media broke a story about some scientific breakthrough, New Scientist had already reported it the week before hand.

Second, another good source of motorsport news (as far as European racing is concerned anyway): Autosport.

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2 thoughts on “QotD: Check the Mailbox!

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  1. Hurray for newscientist! I feel bad for not having a subscription since I moved west but I fear it would take EVEN LONGER to get to me out here. I was already a little bothered by the fact that it's a week out-of-date by the time I got it. I know they have subscriber online access to their articles though so maybe that'll be enough to satisfy…


  2. The week long delay is not ideal but I have learnt to put up with it. The online access gives you all the contents as the magazine so that can be a good way to read it. And the search capability means I can always drag some old article out for any lunchtime discussion 🙂


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