Leah and I were woken up by a muffled thud on Thursday night while we were deep asleep. I turned around to the direction of the noise and noticed the wardrobe doors were slightly ajar. I remembered them being shut tight when we went to bed so I immediately suspected that the clothing shelf has fallen down to the ground. Sure enough when I got out of bed and peeked through the wardrobe door gap, I saw the top of the white wire shelf lying on the floor, on top of all the clothes that used to be hanging from it. Since we couldn't do much about it we went to bed and left the clothes where they were.

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and got all the supplies that we need to fix the shelf. Leah got to see me as doing DIY for the first time since we moved into our Croydon apartment 6 years ago when we had to assemble new furnitures. I would have documented the DIY repair in photos if Leah wasn't occupied with her "art project". Anyhow, after over an hour of drilling, screwing, and hammering, the shelf is now up and back to its former glory, with all of our clothes back on and underneath it. We'll see how long it will last…

* DIY = Do It Yourself = Home Improvement, for the American out there.

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