QotD: Your fantasy restaurant

If you could open any sort of restaurant, what would it be like?

It would have to be a Chinese cafe, specialize in all the lost recipes. Pig blood jelly, stinky tofu (my favorite), pig's lung soap, tripes, deep fried intestines, etc. The list goes on…


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2 thoughts on “QotD: Your fantasy restaurant

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  1. "The blocks of tofu smell strongly of certain pungent cheeses, and are described by many as rotten and fecal"
    Crikey Alex! I love trying new tastes which are unfamiliar to my British palate though, so if you do open your restaurant, book me a table!
    On a food programme on TV the other night, a chef (Japanese I think) showed the presenter how to eat the heart of an eel… The heart was still throbbing as he swallowed it down. I might have to draw the line somewhere!


  2. I had to draw the line at stinky tofu the last time we were in Hong Kong… Perhaps Alex's Chinese cafe will cater to those who have a culinary fetish!


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