On Thursday night I pucked up the courage to flash my E61's firmware. Why? One of the thing that has bugged me since the beginning is the inability to set the name ordering in the Contacts application. Even though there are three choices, Last name First name, Last name, First name, and First name Last name, only the first one works whichever you choose. It was finally tracked down to the English-Chinese firmware that my E61 has and it makes sense because chinese names are always last name first.

Anyway, when I read a post at HowardForums on how to flash the firmware with clear and concise instruction, I was tempted. After downloading all the apps and patches required and installed them (there are a few), I finally took the plunge at around mid-night on Friday to flash my phone to the English-Netherland firmware.

The flashing took only about 10 minutes and it worked perfectly. Though I was definitely crossing my fingers the whole time, hoping my phone would still be working at the end. After the flashing was completed, I then spent another hour or so putting all my settings back and installed all the apps. Crucially, the name ordering settings now work so I have First name Last name showing in the Contacts list.

Now, Nokia just needs to release firmware updates to fix some of the other bugs…

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