Check out my Vox site. Vox is a new service from the great team Six Apart. I was invited to ‘preview’ Vox because I am a TypePad customer. Vox is definitely aimed squarely at MySpace since it performs pretty much the same function, aggregating all my online life be it blog posts, photos, music, movies, etc. The big difference is that Vox does it in much slicker, much more integrated, and less ad intrusive ways.

If 6A continues improving Vox I’ll definitely consider switching from TypePad to Vox. Now where is that feedback button on Vox so I can request a TypePad import functionality…

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  1. I tried leaving a comment over at the Vox site but it won’t let me (presumably because you have to be a Vox user while it’s still in beta?)

    I was reading something the other day (on MetaFilter?) that MySpace are very sharp and proprietorial about not allowing content to be duplicated anywhere other than on the user’s myspace blog.

    Then again, I’m too old for their demographic… 😉


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