Rein of Terror has ended

The week of being the boss-man has ended for me. My bosses were in TechEd in Boston this week so I have to be in charge during the last five days. Not really that stressful (nothing like when I was working at JPMorganChase) since it basically involved managing eight developers and four QA engineers during product release week. So it is just a simple matter of juggling priority and resources while keeping the CTO informed and happy.

At least I have my shiny new Nokia E61 to play with throughout the week as a distraction. Despite some minor bugs and quirks, this phone is definitely the best smartphone I have used thus far. Build is solid with great RF performance, as expected from Nokia, while the gorgeous screen and true multi-task Symbian OS means I actually become more focus on what I can do than baby-sitting the stupid Palm OS from crashing! The only problem is to fine a nice carrying case for it. The Krusell case I ordered earlier in the week arrived today but it is too thick for the slim E61. I’ll try it out for a week or so to see how well it works with my everyday usage, but the search continues.

Yesterday Nokia released their podcast software for beta testing. Works perfectly and I am able to pull most of the podcasts on my phone (except iTunes Music Tuesday which is encoded in m4a format that E61’s music player doesn’t support). I can’t wait for my stereo headset/phones to arrive so I can listen to podcasts on my E61 for the commuting when I don’t want to carry my iPod, such as trip to the golf course.

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