Despite my wish to order the new MacBook Pro, I know I will be saving up for the second generation model. Hopefully it would have the 64bit CPU and perhaps even virtualisation! But until then I have to make do with developing ecto on my Compaq Windows laptop. However, ever since I’ve migrated to Visual Studio 2005 it has been hitting the memory limit which was only 768MB. So a lot of disk swapping and waiting which did no good when I am in a coding session and in the ‘zone’, so to speak.

Therefore, I took the plunge last week and ordered a stick of 1GB memory from Memory Ten and it arrived today. After installing it, which took all of five minutes, bootup, launched VS2005, loaded the project, etc. I immediately saw that peak memory utilisation was just over 1GB. Comfortably under the 1.5GB total. Now no more disk swapping and VS2005 is actually very usable and enjoyable 😉 Eventually I think I’ll have to replace the other 512MB stick with a 1GB also to push the memory to the max. 2GB, but that will be in the future.

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