I turned 30 last Thursday and Leah had thrown me a surprise party after work. Actually it wasn’t a surprise party since she told me about it the day before but she had been organising it for over two weeks, with amazingly long email trails. So throughout Thursday in the office I have to pretend I didn’t know there was a celebration after work. At around 6:30PM, my boss tried to delay me by asking me to talk to him about some personnel issues, while everyone left the office. Then he asked me to go and have a quick drinks with his wife before Leah and I (allegedly) went to dinner.

Of course everyone were in the pub when we arrived and I had to pretend to be surprised! Leah bought a delicious chocolate cake from Dean & Deluca which everyone devoured in the middle of a packed pub. Beer and cake, great combo! The people at work bought me a $50 iTunes Music Store gift card which I’ve already spent some of it this evening. They were trying to get me a electric butter warmer as a joke (or may be not) but unfortunately it is not sold in the US. After a few drinks some of us went to grab some dinner and I was treated with a tiramisu and candle at the end. So I had two birthday cakes! Woo hoo!

Though not really surprised, it was great to spend my birthday differently this year. Most years Leah and I would have a nice dinner with a few friends and that’s about it. It was a shame that only people I work with turned up in the pub. Other friends didn’t managed to join us due to work commitment or whatever.

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