Bad code, part 2

Last Friday I was, half-jokingly, called a code snob. That was probably due to my continuous bitching of bad code in our project throughout Thursday and Friday. I know it is true so I will wear that label with pride! I just don’t understand developers who will write bad code that works but not refactor them later. I can understand write bad code initially to get a understanding of how the code needs to work first, then afterward refactor into nice clean code. I did that many times myself. But just leaving those badly written code once it is working? ARRRRGGGHHH!

Leah made a comment about my previous post about bad code before she jetted off to London. She said even though she didn’t understand what I was talking about she thought it must be like an English literature graduate reading a badly put together English sentence.

I think that is a rather good analogy for the non-programmers out there.

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