A Decade

According to my calendar (and memory), today is the ten years anniversary since Leah and I first dated. Time flies by, indeed. Sentimental and nostalgic seekers please head to Leah’s blog. Only dull posts are allowed here (These are not the fun post you are looking for. Move along).

(Ok, what’s the point of having a semi-geek blog with geek content in each post? So geeks read on, normal people move along.)

Keeping track of anniversary dates aren’t easy even in this day and age of advanced PIM such as Outlook or iCal. Try doing that 10 years back and you can imagine the effort I had to put into. First PIM I used is the Starfish’s Sidekick (remember that?) on my 386 monochrome laptop. Next was the first version of Microsoft Outlook, and then Outlook 97. Finally when I migrated to the Mac I moved the data to Palm Desktop which wasn’t (and still isn’t) that good a PIM. Finally when Apple released iCal (and iSync for syncing with PDA/Phone) I settled my calendar data in iCal.

And this concluded the geek broadcast.

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