San Francisco

Cable car

Our week long vacation in San Francisco was pretty relaxing (photo set here). Not having to worry about work or programming-related things are a welcome break. The last time we visited San Francisco was more than 5 years ago and it was the first time Leah and I visited America, so we decided to re-do all the tourist attraction again. This time, we are older and wiser and we spent twice as along in San Francisco to make sure we have enough time to spend in the city. We also take a guided bus tour into the wine country (Napa and Sonoma) for some wine tasting. We visited three wineries which go from small operation (~10,000 bottles/year) to medium size (~100,000 bottles/year), to huge commercial enterprise (>250,000 bottles/year). The first winery makes a big impression on us and I think we are going to order some wines from them over the internet for the upcoming festive season.

We even met up with Nick (a.k.a. Authenticgeek) whom I met over the net over a year ago and is now working at SixApart in SF.

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