Surprise of the week

On Tuesday we went to Alcatraz Island for a tour. Leah and I had been there before last time we visited San Francisco more than 5 years ago. So nothing too exciting happened there. The revealation was the Boudin Bread place on the piers. 5 years ago it was a red brick building with very little indoor seatings forcing all the tourists to seat and stand outside to consume the sourdough clam chowder. Now in its place is a very modern metal and glass building with a shop on the left and a demo bakery on the right. There are even outdoor seatings!

The real surprise was when we got back from the island and decided to eat at the Boudin Bistro on the second floor of the new building. Since it is in the tourist location I kind of expected over-priced average food with bored sevices. In fact we got average-priced excellent food with great service! We were so impressed with their food that not only left a large tip, but we also planned to have lunch there on Friday.

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