Pretentious? As if!

pre·ten·tious adj.

Claiming or demanding a position of distinction or merit, especially when unjustified.

Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious. See Synonyms at showy.

– from

I’ve always thought pretentiousness derives from behaviour, not intellectualism. So I was surprised that my down-to-earth wife has turned pretentious. I don’t think so unless I have turned too.

6 thoughts on “Pretentious? As if!

  1. Jaw drops. Alex uses the words down-to-earth and intellectual to describe little old me. By, down-to-earth I assume he means I like to sleep a lot and prone to grubbiness 🙂


  2. Well, let me reassure you, pretentious you are not. Photo of dinner? Photo waiting for cable car? Photo of outside a window? Photo of empty stage at Coldplay concert? List of what you want to watch on tv? I think you’ll find you’re just plain dull! They do say opposites attract. Your wife’s blog is positively fascinating compared to this (and I genuinely enjoy reading her blog – there was absolutely no malice intended). And by the way, who mentioned intellectualism? Certainly not me.


  3. Well I am really glad you like my blog, as I aim to entertain. But, a tad harsh on Alex. Picture, words and thousand spring to mind. Unfortunately, Alex is not blessed with the same amount of contemplation/navel gazing time at work as I am blessed with. I actually only started blogging because it consumed so much of his time all those years ago, and now the tables have turned. I spent a good chunk of my free time blogging, thinking about what to blog, and Alex is trying to catch spare moments to develope his application…..

    Maybe when I am a BIG famous blogger, novelist, classicist (delete as appropriate) he can stay home and navel gaze to his hearts content.

    PS Sorry about the speeling mistake in the Apple store in San Fran …. was trying to go a whole wk with out internet…. but I haven’t checked my mail!


  4. The fact is that my blog is not written to entertain anyone let alone strangers like you, Kate. Of course you won’t find my camerphone photos interesting. You don’t know me from Jack, why would you care where we go on vacation or what we did in NYC? On the other hand, our friends and family may actually like to know what we’ve been up to in NYC since they are at least one ocean away.

    So if you find all these posts boring that’s your prerogative but don’t judge the book by its cover like you did me. Oh, did I just call you out, like I did on your incorrect usage of the word ‘pretentious’? Opps…


  5. *sigh*. Alex, the problem is that your comments beg a response and I cannot resist biting. I happen to have had the misfortune of ending up in your blog because of your wife’s blog, not because I particularly want to be here. But you do seem to be an extraordinary character. If your blog is not written to entertain anyone, why go out of your way to list it on NYC Bloggers? You are effectively advertising your blog to ‘strangers like me’ who are clearly not friends & family. So you must think you have something to offer other blog readers, which I find intriguing.

    The fact is that I really, really enjoy reading your wife’s blog – for what reason is irrelevant. She is entertaining, lively, opinionated, intelligent, and yes, sometimes pretentious. My use of the word pretentious was not incorrect. Perhaps intead it is your stuffy, rigid use/understanding of the English language that is incorrect. Your wife effectively agreed with me when she commented that she is ‘just pretentious enough’ so perhaps you should ask her what she means by that!

    Anyway, I have no idea why you’re being so uppity about all this. Relax a little. Go and enjoy your holiday for a start!!!
    (By the way, I don’t understand what you were trying to say in the last paragraph of your comment, it makes absolutely no sense I’m afraid. Enlighten me?)


  6. May be Leah mis-used the word too? Have you considered that?

    And Leah and I were enjoying our relaxing vacation until your first comment yesterday morning. So instead of wasting more time on this rather silly exchange on who will get the last word, I am closing the comment on this post and get back to enjoying our vacation.


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