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Last week was a pretty quiet week on ecto support. All I had on my list were finishing off adding Radio Userland support earlier in the week and fixing a file upload bug on Friday. So I had all of today to add Technorati tags support to ecto, finally! It has been long time coming and judging from the amount of work I had to do today, I should have had done this many weeks ago. The feature works exactly like in the Mac version (minus support for and Flickr tags) which makes it easy for users who use both versions. The missing features right now are the keyboard navigation support and the right-arrow to Technorati page support, which will be added this week. The code is not optimised right now and I will be refactoring the code in the next few days to get it nice and clean.

I will also be refactoring some of the post window code into user controls to reduce the size of the form’s code file. Resharper is running slower and slower as the class file gets bigger and bigger. I can’t wait for Visual Studio .Net 2005 and the support of partial class file! Though, I think partial class file is a double edge sword that makes it much easier for lazy developers (like myself sometimes) not to refactor code. Ugly codes? Just throw them into the partial class file and they will never see the day again…

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