D-Days -8

I talked about how I promised not to purchase any more gadgets this year apart from “the list”. I am afraid I am going to break my own promise.

8 days to go before my HDTV is delivered. Originally I wasn’t planning to buy (or even consider buying) a HDTV until early next year, after XBox 360 is released. However, one of the guy at work found out about the new Sony 42″ DLP projection TV last week which has a very decent price tag. That pegged my interest level and soon I found that the price of last year Toshiba DLP model is even cheaper and bigger (46″)! So after a few days of intense research and web trawling last weekend, I finally placed the order yesterday.

Of course, getting HDTV means I need to swap my standard def cable box for a HD version. Fortunately, Time Warner has a HD DVR and it even has two built-in tuners so I can watch one program while recording another. So, bye bye TiVo. TiVo has done a great job for the last 3 years but until it is updated to HD with new hardware (HDMI/DVI/Firewire/Components output? Digital audio output? Anyone?) I am afraid I have to use Time Warner’s box. I also have to sell our current TV before the apartment has double the number of TV verses occupants!

I can’t wait to watch DVDs (Band of Brother, Star Wars Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, From the Earth to the Moon, the list goes on) again on the new TV as well as playing Halo, and when falls arrives all the TV series that Leah and I love (The West Wing, ER, House, 24, CSI, NCIS, Numb3rs). Not to mention all the sport events such as US Open Tennis, golf, F1. The list goes on…

8 more freaking days!

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