One of the victims of the cut throat nature of today’s internet business is server and bandwidth capacity. To minimise cost, most (if not all) internet companies tend to provide the least amount of server and bandwidth capacity while satisfying their customers. Very understandable strategy since neither of them are cheap to come by. But when major world event like today’s London bombing occurs, the lesser prepared companies falter.

TypePad hosted blogs seem to be marginally slower today, as is their management site. Blogger seems to be fine.

Technorati and Flickr are hit the hardest with neither of them serving any real content for most of the day. Technorati doesn’t return any search results, while Flickr is having a “massage” at the moment.

Of course, I am speaking purely from an average internet user point of view. I don’t have any empirical data to back up my claim but it is interesting nonetheless.

Update: BBC News has an article about increased usage.

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