Upload sucks…

I may be praising Flickr’s features in my last post but when I try to upload a relatively large set of wedding photos (100+ photos) tonight Flickr just kept hanging.

Initially I thought it was because I was using FlickrExport iPhoto plug-in so I switched to Adriaan’s 1001 Flickr client. But I got the same result where every 4 to 5 uploads the process will just hang. After searching through Flickr forum it seems that it is a known problem with Flickr upload process but with no fixes in sight, at least none that I can find.

I guess I just have to keep trying with small batch of 4 or 5 photos at a time. The only issue I have using 1001 is that the app ‘loses’ the last photo being uploaded if I interrupt the process. So if photo #3 is being uploaded and got hang and I press ‘Cancel’, 1001 will cancel the upload but also assume that photo #3 has been uploaded successfully and remove it from the set of not-yet-upload photos. Thus, the next time I press ‘Upload’, 1001 will start from photo #5 instead of #4. Haven’t taken the time to write up this bug to Adriaan yet as I am going to play the new Halo 2 maps just now 🙂

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