Go West

Being a software developer and proficient in maths means that I am pretty good at spotting patterns, or it can be the other way round. Regardless, here is a pattern in my life that I’ve spotted. It seems that the intervals between relocation for me is a geometric progression. For those who are not familiar with geometric progression or geometric series, here is what I mean:

Time living in Hong Kong ~= 15 years
Time living in U.K. ~= 10 years
Time living in East Coast America ~= soon to be 5 years

And with our plan to move to the west coast soon (probably in the next year or so) does that mean we will be finally settling down in the west coast? Probably, at least according to maths!

Time living in West Coast America = ∞!

Will our life be peaceful there in the open air where the skies are blue?

(No prize for picking up the 70’s or 90’s song reference in this post, depending on which version of the song you are thinking of)

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