Uninformed Commentating

Last night I watched the recording of the Canadian Grand Prix on TiVo. It was broadcasted, not by Speed Channel as the rest of the season, but unfortunately by CBS. So instead of having three experienced Formula One commentators including Steve Matchett who was the race mechanic for Benetton during the 90’s when Michael Schumacher was at the team, CBS has Derek Daly and Ralph Shahean. These two are so uninformed it was incredible! When they found out that Montoya was black flagged due to existing a closed pit lane Derek Daly said, and I quoted, “I can’t believe they’ve closed the pit lane when the race leader is in the pit!”

Ahem, the pit lane is closed due to the Safety Car approaching. It is in the rule book and every team should know that. Not to mention there is this big red light at the end of the pit lane to warn the driver not to exist. Formula One is not like NASCAR or IndyCar where rules are bent or made up on the fly to suit the racing. Mr. Daly, please read up on F1 rules before the next broadcast or else please remain silent when in doubt.

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