In threes

Got a tag-back from Maria for this meme. Without fanfairs, here goes:

three physical things you like about yourself:

1) easily tan skin

2) legs

3) height

three physical things you don’t:

1) lack of hair

2) bad eyesight

3) nose

three things that scare you:

1) poverty

2) not able to see

3) being in a car driven by Leah’s dad 🙂

three of your everyday essentials:

1) computers

2) iPod

3) sugar rush from coke/chocolate/sweets

three things you are wearing now:

1) watch

2) Lance Armstrong wrist band

3) eyeglasses

three of your favorite bands or musical artists:

1) Perl Jam

2) Alanis Morissette

3) Blue Man Group

three things you want in a relationship:

1) desire

2) friendship

3) trust

two truths and a lie (which is a lie?):

1) I miss my relatives

2) I love eating

3) I love my job

three physical things that turn you on:

1) sight

2) sound

3) words

three of your favourite hobbies:

1) computer programming

2) reading

3) sports (golf, tennis, etc.)

three things you want to do really badly right now:

1) vacation

2) win lottery

3) drive

three careers you are considering:

1) photographer

2) chef

3) law enforcement agent such as FBI or Secret Service (but not before I fix my eyesight and get my citizenship first)

three places you want to go on vacation:

1) Italy

2) Japan

3) Oz

three things you want to do before you die:

1) learn to sail

2) learn to fly

3) drive a McLaren F1

three people you are throwing this to next:

1) Flaming Zinc

2) Badly Dubbed Boy

3) Neatly Sliced

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