Painful Read

I’ve read many books of difficult subjects for the past 10 years. Ranging from scary (The Hot Zone), to hopeless (Deliver Us from Evil), to heroism (D-Day : June 6, 1944) and many in between. But, no books is as difficult for me to read as the The 9/11 Commission Report.

Reading history as recent as 2001 and as involved as I did, it was almost like reliving that day again. And memory I have of the WTC is as vivid as 2001. I can still remember the shopping mall layout in relationship to the Chamber Street subway station exit, or the Courtlandt Street station exit. I remember the shops that were next to the stations. I remember the lunches that we had in the courtyard between the towers. I now understand why the relatives of those who perished that day won’t want to listen to the FDNY/NYPD/PAPD radio conversations, or the audio tracks from the four hijacked aircraft, let alone released to the public.

But read I must because I am a information/history freak, but more importantly, how else would I be able to make informed decision without the necessary information to put my decision in correct context? Am I suppose to just trust the American media to inform me?

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  1. I’d say read all the available documents and make up your own mind. If you have the time. Still wouldn’t necessarily trust that American commission report though.

    However, there were some nifty multimedia timelines that showed the events of 9/11 – any idea where they are online?


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