Tiger envy

According to UPS, my copy of Tiger is still 5 days away. It is on time to be delivered on May 5th. My friend Jeronimo already received his copy on Friday and installed on his wife’s 12″ AlBook yesterday. I bet he will get it installed on his Mac Mini today. Arrgghhhh! The new 100GB hard drive and a drive enclosure (for the existing 40GB hard drive that is in the PB right now) are sitting quietly in the box. I wish I have my copy so I can install my new hard drive in my PowerBook and install Tiger on it.

Can’t wait to use the new Mail.app and Dashboard, though I am not overly excited by Spotlight, Automator, or even iChat AV but I am sure I will find them useful from time to time.

The Quartz Composer from Xcode 2 sounds very interesting, with the capability of allowing regular users to create new screen saver without writing a single line of code. Got to get me some of that 🙂

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