Used iPod for Sale

Now that I have a new iPod, that means I need to sale my old 2nd generation 10GB iPod. This will be my first sale on eBay in nearly 5 years (last time I sold a camera lens on eBay in the U.K.).

If anyone is interested in an old iPod in almost pristine condition (no scratch on the back and only very, very minor scratches on the front) with used Apple headphones and remote, battery still last 4+ hours, one light blue iSkin case and a Timbuk2 case, visit the eBay auction.

Update: Wow, that was quick! The iPod was sold within 30 minutes of the listing being online. The buyer hit the “Buy It Now” button without even bidding for it. I guess my “Buy It Now” price is lower than what I could have gotten. I think next weekend I will put my two film camera bodies up for eBay!

11 thoughts on “Used iPod for Sale

  1. hiya, i emailed you before i scrolled down to see this bit. I’ll give you £40 for the ipod and pay for postage, am in the U.K. Get in touch,
    Gav x


  2. I saw your posting on MineBlogging and was wondering, what is your price range for the iPod? I have been lusting for an iPod just about forever, and being a student, i cant afford anything crazy.


  3. Hey i am very interested in your IPOD, give me any information there is and how much people have offered, because most likely i will top it


  4. hi, if you have still got the ipod i would be willing to negotiate a very reasonable price. please e-mail me as soon as possible. thank you.


  5. Not sold yet. So it is still up for grab. Although it won’t be available for a week because I am visiting the U.K. tomorrow for a week.


  6. Next time you have an iPod to sell or a friend, tell them to check out this site:

    They are buying back used iPods and pay a very competitive rate for them. I’m not sure if they are selling on eBay or not, but it was a lot easier for me and I was able to upgrade to my new iPod Video in less than 10 days. Pretty cool!

    Nice blog, btw. 🙂


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