It's time for tax again

Last year I received a huge refund from IRS but after less than half an hour on TurboTax this evening I already found out that I own IRS money this year (I have a feeling that part of it is Leah’s lack of withholding last year and now I am paying for it).

I don’t own a huge amount but that throws the “HDTV in new apartment” plan right out of the window. Not that I was planning to buy one, mind you, but still I was hoping I’ll get a nice small refund instead. It is the eating into my saving part the annoys me.

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  1. Like I said, there’s always unexpected stuff that gets you completely out of whack. THe check engine sentinel on my car is on again… could be that we have refused to change the part and just keep getting it calibrated, so now we must seriously consider the changing the part, which, of course, will dip into the savings. :^(


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