4 down, 2 to go

Four hours into a six hours train journey up from Birmingham to Edinburgh to see some of Leah’s family members in Scotland. I’ve never been to Scotland before, let alone Edinburgh. I’ve always think that Scotland is way too cold for my liking but now that I’ve experienced New York winter (-19C the day before I left and -12C on the day I left I think Scotland winter is just mild!

Normally I would hate to sit in a train for six hours with nothing to do but read or sleep, but as I am traveling on a Virgin train (do you see the trend here?) there is laptop power socket so I’ve been working on ecto’s Help file, emails, and blogging away while listening to iTunes. In between I am almost finished reading the “Comm Check…” book but I’ve bought, on impulse the other day while in Bridgnorth, the next book in the Patrick O’Brien’s Arburey/Maturin series, Mauritius Command. That will do for the eight hours train ride back down to London in a few days time, me think.

So just under two more hours to go and still has lots to occupy my mind. The same cannot be said for the guy sitting opposite me though. He had been bored out of his mind since hour 3. He only has a car magazine and a CD player to help pass time. I guess not every one is seasoned traveler like Leah and myself who are well prepared for long journey with books, etc. or able to fall asleep on command.

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