I hate dialup

So here I am with three computers nearby doing my duty for my mother. I wasn’t planning to upgrade her PC until I realised that it is my college PC which is a Pentium 166MHz with 64MB RAM running Win98! So I took pity on that poor 8 years old machine and bought her from PC World a brand new P4 2.6GHz 256MB RAM XP Home machine for less than the price of a iPod photo 🙂

Since neither the new machine has a floppy drive (it does have a DVD-RW R9 drive and 5-in-1 memory card reader though) nor the old machine has a USB port for my 64MB flash drive, I have to zip up her files and upload it to my web storage then download it to her new PC. Now it won’t be so bad if this is done over broadband connection, but all she has is a 45kbps dialup it is painful! Transfer that normally would take minutes via wireless network over DSL becomes hours over the dialup. I feel like I’ve been thrown back to the stone age!

At least this machine will last for another 2-3 years before I need to do this all over again. And with the DVD-Rewriter in the new machine at least I can just burn a DVD next time and be done with the transfer in minutes!

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