Blogging at 40,000 feet

My original plan for my east bound flight was to read my New Scientist magazine until dinner had been served then slept all the way until breakfast. Alas, with delay on de-icing the plane when we were on the ground we were an hour late taking off. That means I finished my magazine way before dinner was even heated up!

Before this flight I debated whether to spend the money on a air/auto power adapter for my PC notebook. (By the way, this is the first time in over 4 years that I travel without my trusted PowerBook.) As I mentioned before my plan didn’t include using the notebook on this flight so I didn’t spend the money (~$100) for the power adapter. But as I was sitting here bored, waiting for dinner to be served so I could go to sleep I remembered Leah and I have two more trips to the U.K. this year for friends wedding. So I decided spending the money on the power adapter isn’t such a waste of money after all.

It’s been over two years since I last flew trans-Atlantic with Virgin. Sure I had flown many times in the last two years around the States but those Boeing planes cannot match the Airbus A340-600 that I am sitting in right now. I am reminded by the level of details Virgin has put into the whole experience when I used the bathroom. When I closed the door the bathroom light does not just switch on like most plane. Instead, the Virgin way is to slowly bring the light level up so there is no sudden change of brightness. Same with the reading light or the cabin lighting. Then there is the smoothness of the ride. The constant hum of the engines are ever present. But my Shure E-3c headphones block 90% of the hum and the low level of vibration makes me almost think I am sitting on solid ground. Oh and the carbon fibre seat tray impresses the geek side of me too 🙂

So thank you for another enjoyable trans-Atlantic flight, Sir Richard.

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