What would you do if…

you were hit by a car when you are cycling in the city and you flew over the bonnet/hood of the say car, rolled over the windscreen and landed on the other side of the road? Your cycle helmet was split in two and you ended up with double visiontemporary lost of vision in one eye and hurt your leg.

Most people will call for an ambulance and be taken to the local A&E/ER, right? And possibly inform the police of the accident. Apparently not, said my brother-in-law. He was offered to be taken to the hospital by the driver himself but instead my brother-in-law called his mother and went to the hospital. After discovering that there was a 7 hours wait they went home. The preferred treatment for my brother-in-law was a hot bath and a cup of tea!

How British and incredulous! They have a national health service that they all paid for. The ambulance ride is free (compare to what we have to pay here in the States). Granted 7 hours is a very long wait but I would rather drop dead in the middle of a ER than in the comfort of my own bed. Doesn’t double vision spell of head injuries, however minor? Perhaps a concussion? And how would one know there are no internal injuries without X-ray, ultrasound, or MRI scans? That is with medically trained doctor performing a diagnosis, not a criminology graduate with a concussion whose declared, “I don’t feel any pain”.

And how would we ever knew if the driver was not DUI without police involvement?

And why would my mother-in-law, who is a very educated teacher allow her son not to go to the hospital? Apparently, she will be “keeping an eye on him”. Oh, of all the 9+ years I’ve known her I apparently missed the fact she was medically trained doctor specialised in trauma cases!

Bloody incredible.

Stupid, stupid, stupid British people.

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  1. But, how do you know that there aren’t other issues if you don’t seek medical attention? If you have been in an accident then your body has suffered a trauma, you need to see the first doctor to see what follow up care you are going to need – physio, chiropractor, etc.

    At the end of the day I am sure my brother is fine, but I’d rather be safe than sorry and wait it out in emergency.


  2. You’ve just proved my point by saying “who’d want to make a fuss”! And how do you know you don’t have internal bleeding since it is ‘internal’ after all!


  3. Hey, Alex and Leah, Hows life treating you.

    I’m sure you are aware that Ang and I are getting married this year on 22nd Sep. Would be good if you could make it. Send me an email.

    BTW Ed (the best man) is now living and working in Boston. It seems we’ll all be living in the US one day (Ang and I fancy moving in a few years)

    Keep well



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