Bizarre conversation

Characters: Myself, and the latest member of our development team who, shall we say, is a bit peculiar. Let’s call him Fred.

Location: Development area

Scene: Discussion of Sigourney Weaver booking a space flight with Virgin Galantica

Me: Sigourney Weaver has booked a space flight with Virgin Galantica.

Fred: What is Virgin Galantica?

Me: Civil space flight?

Fred: What is it?

Me: You know, X-Prize, SpaceShipOne? Headline news about a month ago?

Fred: Is it? It mustn’t that important. I didn’t read it on NY Times.

Me: What do you mean? Civilian space flight not important?

Fred: Is it a space shuttle?

Me: No… It’s SpaceShipOne. You know, built by Scaled Composites team led by Burt Rutan.

Fred: So what is it?

Me: Mmm… A spaceship with wings and rockets?

Fred: So what is it?

Me: It’s a spaceship made by the team at Scaled Composites, what more do you want to know?

Fred: I mean, what is it? What does it look like?

Me: Let me see, I don’t have a photo of it with me right now. Try What answer do you want?

Fred: Ahhh, a URL that’s completely different. You should have mentioned that in the beginning.

Me: But I’ve mentioned Scaled Composites like three times already!

Fred: Well, I don’t know they have a web site at

(I walked off at the moment after stopping myself from saying things such as "Well, apply your common sense or deductive logic?" or "Try Google? You are a software engineer, you know.")

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