Not unexpected

No winner so far with the race hinges on Ohio and New Mexico. Not the sort of morning I was hopping for but I wasn’t entirely surprised either. I guess I kind of misunderestimate the level of political and social policy awareness in American public.

Now, where can we get a banner or t-shirt with Bartlet for America on it?

And to Ron, New York is not ungrateful. New York is politically aware that Bush is not the president we hoped him to be. We are able to separate his talk from his walk. We like his talks but disagree with the way he walks.

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  1. Maybe so, Alex. Actions speak larger than words. But with a New York electorate stacked 58 to 40 percent against him, what message do you think George Bush is receiving from the people of New York right now?

    I happen to agree that the President milked the terror war and the 9-11 crisis for all they’re worth, and I’m not surprised to see some understandable backlash. But I *was* surprised to see how much ill will he’s engendered in New York since September, 2001.

    With a big win on the backs of the fallen, perhaps it’s Bush who’s ungrateful?


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