Broken string

My friend T.J. and I had been trying to play as much tennis as possible before the weather goes cold. But our tennis session today (actually it was yesterday now) was cut short when my racket string broke when I returned a serve. And this was the day I didn’t bring along my spare racket which I normally do, so we had to stop playing right there and then. We did practice serving and I managed to get some resemblance of a normal serve 🙂 Ironically, I did think about bringing along Leah’s new racket this morning just before I set off but I decided against it. Oh well, just need to get my racket re-strung tomorrow at Paragon. T.J. and I will probably play some more next Sunday.

And now that Leah is taking tennis lessons, she may even join us. Next spring perhaps? With a third player, I can even take my camera with me and take some photos of us playing! I am sure Leah can be persuaded to take some action shot of myself 😀

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