Ok, so I was wrong

I know I said I didn’t mind reading HTML code in my post when I compose it. But you know what? After using the latest ecto 2 for awhile in WYSIWYAG mode, it is so much easier on the eyes! Though there are a few annoyance that slow me down. First I am so used to using Cmd-U to insert a link. Now Cmd-U is used for underline in WYSIWYAG mode. So I have to actually hit the hyperlink button instead. Second is that while in WYSIWYAG mode, there is no way of copying or editing existing URL short of switching to plain text mode. But apart from that, I love it 🙂

Update: WYSIWYAG mode also removed any keyboard shortcuts for inserting HTML code that is not defined in rich text editing mode. Not to mention in this mode, applying some extra HTML code block around these HTML code that I inserted. Also if the default editing mode is set to Rich Text, switching from Rich Text editing mode to plain text doesn’t actually give me the original plain text. What I get is the plain text version of the Rich Text editing mode with Convert Linebreak turned off! I think I will stay using plain text editing for awhile.

[composed and posted with ecto 2]

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