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Normally I don’t discuss my politic here but I’ve finally hauled my ass to John Kerry’s web site tonight and added his blog to NetNewsWire. So I guess the secret is out, I am a democrat 🙂 Not that Leah and I can vote in this country yet (not for a long while) but I sure will be cheering for Kerry and Edward when November comes later this year. Also our votes won’t matter that much as New Jersey is pretty much Democrat’s anyway. May be we should move to Florida? 🙂 I am considering voting with my money and donate to the DNC as my way of support. I am not sure how much I should contribute though. I am debating between $100 and $250. My heart tells me $250 but my wallet is telling me $100. Mmm… And here is a funny parody of George W. Bush by Will Ferrell.

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