ecto 2 beta

One of the perks of working with Adriaan is that I got to test out new beta release of ecto 2. This new version has gone multi-windows (or in Windows speak, MDI). It is modeled pretty closely to (or Outlook) and I am just starting to exploit this feature. It is very convenient to be able to have a draft opened and jump back to edit an existing post. With ecto 2, I am beginning to treat blogging as the same as emailing.

I am not a big file uploader so I haven’t tried out the new ‘attachment’ feature yet but I feel it is definitely a step forward from the already great file upload feature in existing ecto. What I can’t wait for though is the WYSIAWYG editing. The existing preview feature is great but it is not as intuitive to use as WYSIWYG. However, being a developer myself I am comfortable in reading text interceded with code so WYSIWYG isn’t as big a deal as most user.

This also means that just when my Windows version of ecto catches up with the Mac version in terms of features and functionality, Adriaan has leaped ahead with ecto 2! Am I going be forever playing catch up? 🙂 The obvious question is of course when will WYSIWYG editing coming to the Windows version. Without giving away or promising too much, all I can say is that this is what I am working on right now 😉 How long will it take to become available, that I can’t tell you as I don’t know myself! Watch this space though…

[composed and posted with ecto 2]

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