Almost Perfect

Even though I’ve just upgraded my cell phone to Sony Ericsson Z600 less than three months ago, this Audiovox PPC 4100 is tempting me to upgrade once again! It has the right features and functionality while the price is more than half of the Sony Ericsson P900 PDA phone that I was considering (and actually cost less than my Z600!).

I described the Z600 as almost the perfect phone and I still think it is. However, Leah took my Sony Clie to the UK and I suddenly found myself using the organiser feature of my Z600 more. I found it very basic and lacking some very fundamental calendar and to-do list features.

Even though the Audiovox runs Windows Pocket PC, which I am no big fans of, I know from my colleague’s Motorola MPx200 that the OS is actually pretty decent now. The only problem is to get synchronisation functionality for my PowerBook. Missing Sync should support the PPC 4100 as Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC edition (which the PPC 4100 runs) is listed as supported.

Now I just need to pop down to the AT&T shop and play with it for a bit…

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to use an organizer on something as small as a phone – the closest I came to using a PDA was my Zire (m150) that I used for a few months at school. Input on the damn thing really bothered me even though I got fairly quick at it.

    On another note, my favorite Sony designed phones (the Z600 and the Z200) both use 900mHz are their lowest frequency rather than 850mHz making them incompatible with the services near me!


  2. Having the 850 MHz band is one major reason I am so interested in the Audiovox. And its 1800 MHz band will allow me to use it in Europe too, perfect!


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