Best laid plan…

Activity for Saturday: Gym, sushi, work on ecto, and then watch the Lakers/Spurs game. Did not get call from my friend TJ about golf so stayed up until 3 AM.

Plan for Sunday: Wake up late, breakfast at StarBuck, work on ecto, watch DVD/TV, and play some computer games.

What actually happened: Woken up by phone call from TJ wanting to play golf at 8:30 AM. Had to scramble to get out of the apartment. Not sure what to have for breakfast. Ended up having Mikey D at 34th street. Found out there is no N/R/W trains to get across town. Had to wait and get the L train instead. More waiting once I got to Grand Central/42nd st. No express 4 train! All local trains only!

Finally arrived at golf course 2 hours after setting off. Practiced on the range, then moved to play 9 holes. It was nice and hot outside. My friend remembered to take sun screen lotion so we both put some on before we turned into lobsters.

Now back home after spending more than 8 hours in the golf course, cooling down and waiting to watch the Nets game.

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  1. Activity for next few weeks: Enjoy peace and quiet in a Leah-less apartment….can programme till the wee hours without being cross examined the next morning, play my shoot em up computer games without headphones and listen to my DVD’s as LOUD as I want….


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