Use a better browser

From Michael Hanscom, I’ve also joined the “Use a Better Browser” campaign. I’ve been trying to get any one who would listen to use Firefox or Mozilla, or even get a Mac and use Safari. Alas, it is a uphill struggle. Common responses from my colleagues at work include “But it has 90% market share!” and “We know how IE works!”. Well, IE does has 90% market shares and that IE works but it gets its market shares from bundling with the OS and it works in its own broken ways. Don’t even get me started on IE’s less than impressive CSS support…

I’ve long given up making my sites look identical in both Mozilla and IE. As long as IE renders something close enough to my intention and nothing major broken, I am happy.

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  1. Tell me about it. I’ve downloaded Firefox for my PeeCee at work but I’m forced to use IE because they keep using this Microsoft proprietary web design tool that only work with IE. Blah, I hate it.


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