What was that ending?

This week’s great episode of Navy: NCIS end with much confusion. This is as far as I can work out from replaying on TiVo 🙂

1. The Israeli commando was wearing a bulletproof vest.
2. He also has a accomplice who is in HRT uniform.
3. When Gibbs shot the commando , the accomplice went out to the ambulance bay and shot two HRT agents before DiNozzo shot him in turns. (May be help the terrorist escape?)
4. Somehow, the commando escaped in the general confusion. Method unknown.
5. Escape method relies on Gibbs shooting him in the chest because Gibb is trained to shot at body mass.

So if anyone know what exactly goes on, pray tell!

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2 thoughts on “What was that ending?

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  1. No – his escape was predicated on the fact that he knew Gibbs would try to shoot him in the chest. Law enforcement officers and military are taught to shoot for the chest in most cases – greatest chance of a hit because of body mass, and you may not kill the person, which in this case would mean the ability to question him.

    I think the guy was an Israeli commando, not a terrorist. The Israeli’s may have had an interest in not drawing attention to terrorism on American soil by the Palestinians because they don’t want America involved fully in the West Bank and Gaza.

    I hope they continue the story line. I agree, it was one of the best episodes of NCIS I have seen.


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