Alternative view on America foreign (imperial) policy

This six parts BBC World Service article series, The Age of Empire, may not be to every one’s taste (especially conservative American) but it offers a view on how America is preceived by the rest of the world.

One thought on “Alternative view on America foreign (imperial) policy

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  1. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how all empires have their fall and trying to figure out how this will play out since it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Although the USA is returning from a pretty tough few years , I doubt it’s enough to prove the fall of an empire yet. I think China has the ability to surpass and become the new world power but I don’t think they have the leadership at the moment. If the EU can get a little more united, they could perhaps get back in to power (as a powerful Europe I mean) as long as they realize that you have to sacrifice old for new – no holding on to the past if you’re going to be the forefront of technology, something that probably has to be linked with a superpower these days.

    It’s vague and only expresses some of my thoughts but this is only a comment, right?


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