One more thought on photoblogging

Another thing that kind of bug me about this evening photoblogging presentation is that I can, and am (I feel), as good if not better than most of the photographers presenting their work. Just because I don’t promote my photos on or I didn’t have the time to go on photo expedition everyday for the last 18 months doesn’t mean I am lesser photographer than them. But yet, they get the fame and glory and I am just the geek sitting in the chair enduring 2 hours of awful photos show.

One thought on “One more thought on photoblogging

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  1. I totally understand the feeling. Many people do very well at their hobby (be it photography, video, windsurfing, …) for the time they are actively engaged in it. Unfortunately those with the most relations, loudest voice & most visibility (quantity) get the spotlight. What I hate is the snobbery at gatherings. The “mine is better/bigger than yours” attitude. More expensive camera, top of the line editor, bigger album, newer sail, ’04 board, … That’s why I love outrunning a “better” windsurfer on the water with my “not brand new” gear 😉

    … but yes, us geeks most often sit on the bench.


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