Finding Sushi

Leah and I had just have the worst dinning experience at Sushi House @ Hoboken. First we were ignored for 20 minutes before our orders were taken. Then over 30 minutes elapsed before our food arrived and both of our orders were wrong. I accepted mine but Leah’s was completely out of wack! She replaced her order of Torikatsudon (Chicken Katsu Don) with a Veggie Combo Sushi, hoping that it would be quick to make. That took another 45 minutes before her sushi arrived and by then we had to have it to-go. By that time we had been in the restaurant for over an hour and a half! We could have watched a movie! Meanwhile, our waters were never re-filled, waiters were ignoring us, and the chief apologized to the tables on both of our sides but not us (by the way, they had much more elaborate orders and arrived on time).

And I broke tradition and paid no tips whatsoever! And after seeing what Leah’s sushi was like after we got home, I think we should have a refund.

Sushi House @ Hoboken had lost a pair of regular customers since we have sushi at least once a week. Instead, we are sticking to our favorite, Westside Sushi, on West 50th St./9 Ave in Manhattan.

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