Globe Trotter

visited_countriesFrom World66, here are the countries that I’ve visited so far. Not very impressive, is it? Especially consider that I’ve spent more than 10 years in the U.K. and the only European countries I’ve visited are Portugal and Italy.

visited_statesAnd here are the states that I’ve visited during my brief 3 years period in the U.S. Not too bad but definitely want to visit the Mid-West states, especially Chicago and preferably in the summer! New Orleans is on my list too, though for reason unknown to me, Leah does not want to visit New Orleans or Texas…

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  1. Chicago isn’t very fun in the winter — very cold. Very very cold. Very windy and cold, “The Windy City.” The summer would be a better bet. Chicago is a very good place to visit. You will not regret going there. You must visit Ed Debevic’s on the weekend, and make lots of time for the museums!!


  2. Yes, Chicago is fun. And when you go to the museums, you will be able to visit the new Soldier Field. Home of the Chicago Bears!! Of course, the stadium is much better than the team, so you’d better come during the summer. When the air doesn’t stink of bad football.


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