Penguin clubbing

Can this be more addictive? I can’t seem to hit the penguin further than 491 meters(?)/feet(?)!!!

Update: 586.4 is the furthest I have done so far.




  1. Jennifer C.

    Whaaat! This is identical to something to which I linked that is now “Forbidden”… where did you find this, and why is it so identical to what I found?

    Identical, that is, except for the fact that this one that you linked makes the penguin fly much further than the one to which I linked.

    How strange. And yes, very addictive.

  2. duck_not_penguin

    I just got 593.5 … all chalenges welcome … I think this record will last for a while yet… I havn’t read any comments to suggest that this isn’t the best penguin clubbing of all time.

  3. Harry

    Practice? I just found the game, attempt one, 0, #2, 584.whatever. Hmm, maybe I should practice . . . (HEHEHE, me likey brag)

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