Chinese New Year

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, the year of monkey. Being the good Chinese that I am (*cough*, *cough*) Leah and I are planning to go to Chinatown this weekend and see what kind of New Year food we can acquire. First and foremost on the list is the red sticky sweet rice cake that I love so much.

And this is the first New Year that I am married so I am no longer eligible for the red pocket money 😦 Instead tradition rules that we, now as married couple, should give out those red pocket money! At least being in the separate continent let me get away from not giving any out! Ha!

4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

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  1. Hey Alex, Kung Hey Fat Choi! (You know what I gonna say then?)

    BTW, I just want to inform you that.. I have a PayPal account.. 😉

    Happy New Year 🙂


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